Rx Clear Swimming Pool Salt Water Generator Opening Kit | Above or In-Ground | Up to 30,000 Gallons of Water


SODIUM WATER ONLY- Primarily designed to open up and treat pools that use a seawater power generator. Repairs required salt/mineral amounts required for suitable bleach power generator performance. Test and change overall alkalinity so it drops within the 60-100 ppm variation. This are going to support in always keeping the pH controlled for the summer months.
SIMPLE DISSOLVING- This item disperses swiftly to set up a chlorine defense promptly. It supports swimming pool water as well as extends the life of the disinfectant. Use 2 Pounds per 10,000 gallons and include stabilizer based upon water substituted, not complete quart capacity.
STOPS CORROSION- Using this set aids stop rust of steel surfaces like light installations, barriers, step ladders, screws, pool cover components, pool heater components, and steels in your pump or even filter. Also protects against illustration, pitting, and delamination of concrete, plaster, gunite, shotcrete, as well as fiberglass swimming pools.
THE VIOLET THINGS- Jacks Magic functions as a liquefied magnetic for iron, copper, manganese and also other unwanted steels that can easily tarnish and tarnish pool water with sodium water electrical generators. This helps protect against scaling of the tissues and prolongs tissue life alongside fulfilling the certain demands of salt and high TDS swimming pools.
PRICE EFFICIENT- When you utilize this item for your swimming pool, you can easily reduce bleach intake through around 25%. Protecting your chlorine from burning under the sun’s ultraviolet radiations along with a chlorine stabilizer implies a lot longer long-term sanitation. Longer long lasting hygiene implies much more bursts, even more dives, and extra swimming pool enjoyable!

How To Do A Salt Water Pool – Product Description

Rx Clear is the ultimate prescription for a crystal clear swimming pool. Steer clear from the threat of algae, bacteria growth, and unsafe pH levels. Rx Clear is your one-stop shop for chlorine, algaecide, clarifiers, and more. Rx Clear delivers fast-acting chemicals with powerful results.

Rx Clear Swimming Pool Salt Water Generator Opening Kit: Up to 30,000 Gallons of Water
The Rx Clear Salt Water Opening Kit includes all the chemicals you need to get a head start on preparing your salt water pool for swimming. This convenient combination of products will save you both time and money in preparation for another enjoyable season. After a long and arduous winter, it is finally time to start thinking about those refreshing days lounging around in your pool.

The Salt Water Opening Kit includes

4 Lbs of Rx Clear Stabilizer

Jack’s Magic Salt Solution: The Purple Stuff

1 Quart Rx Clear 50% Algaecide

Testing Strips

Ideal Chemical
As with any pool, it is important that you maintain proper water chemistry of the pool water, including pH, alkaline content, and calcium levels. It is important to maintain these levels in order to prevent corrosion or scaling and to ensure maximum enjoyment of the pool. Test your water periodically.

Clean and Clear Water
Jacks Magic acts as a liquid magnet for unwanted metals that can stain and discolor pool water with salt water generators.

Keep your water clear.
Test and adjust total alkalinity so it falls within the 60-100 ppm range. This will assist in keeping the pH under control for the summer.

Relax, it’s easy!
Rx Clear Salt Water Opening Kit is powerful and fast-acting to establish a chlorine protection, stabilize pool water and extend the life of the disinfectant.

Rx Clear Swimming Pool Salt Water Generator Opening Kit | Above or In-Ground | Up to 30,000 Gallons of Water
Rx Clear Swimming Pool Salt Water Generator Opening Kit | Above or In-Ground | Up to 30,000 Gallons of Water