We have been the prominent swimming bath chlorine generator manufacturer since 2014, offering a various array of units to satisfy any chlorine need. Our chlorinators can maintain anything from pools, tubs, spa, Jacuzzi and little above ground pools up to very large commercial facilities.

So, no must fret about pale irritated dry itchy skin, red eyes, which awful strong chlorine odor. Our chlorination generator systems bring an unadulterated formula of chlorine that avails you with hygienic, safe and luxuriously water for you to rejuvenate and delight in!


  • Discontinue purchasing chlorine and make your own a day
  • Stop discarding junk in your pool
  • This machine is your answer to your all-round nest incite chlorine, pH control and energy.

So, wonder what’s a chlorine generator?

Chlorine generators are collective with modern pool systems like “Salt Water Pool” systems.
A chlorine generator is that the support of a salt water pool and what makes the system work.

How the chlorine generators work:

Step 1: water from the pool containing salt enters the cell (salt + water)

Step 2: an electrical charge from the generator is applied to electrolytic plates, creating a current flow.

Step 3: chlorine ion is released as a gas and combines with the water.

Step 4: water with pure chlorine is returned to your pool (chlorine + water)

Chlorine generators sanitize pool water by breaking chemical bonds of common salt molecules, freeing the chloride portion of the molecule which may then create chlorine to sanitize your swimming bath water.

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Salt water swimming pools are prevalent nowadays because they eliminate the necessity to buy, transport, store, and handle hazardous chlorine products.
Many folks appreciate the texture of salt water pools as they will leave skin touch softer, smoother, and fewer like an infuriating chemical bath.


Chlorine generators will do all the work of handling, string, and managing chlorine for your pools sanitation needs. The automatic generator can continuously produce chlorine for your pool making it convenient to take care of proper sanitation.


Big cycles of over or under sanitation that may be common with standard chlorination methods is effectively eliminated with the constant sanitation provided from these automatic systems. The chlorine generator will easily keep your pool freed from pathogens and algae.

SALT within the POOL?

Most of those “salt water systems” need salt within the pool water in sufficient concentrations to run properly. The problem is, salt within the swimming bath water is one among the largest drawbacks to salt chlorination systems.

Our Chlorine Generator Machine is Different

The systems we offer employ salt chlorine generators that isolate the water and salt in separate “containers” keeping the salt out of your pool.It provides ideal sanitation for clean pool water and replaces dangerous, packaged chlorine with safe, natural, pure salt.


  • This chlorination system works for pool sizes up to 40,000 gallons.
  • Having user friendly design
  • No must worry about cleaning the salt cell, using reverse polarity our system cleans the cell for you.
  • Super chlorination mode
  • Adjustable chlorine output
  • Water flow detector
  • High and low salt indicators
  • High and cold protection
  • Well-suited standby for mineral springs with controls
  • 2 year full warranty, live customer support

what our clients say:

Our kids enjoy swimming in the pool with this super luxurious salt chlorine generator as it is totally skin friendly. Now we even party around calling our kith and kin. They just love our pool. Amazing website. Thank you for the services.

Charles D. Tryon / San Francisco, CA

We have a Jacuzzi leisure pool on the roof top, a bigger one and finally now we don’t have our eyes burning with itchy chlorine content in it. These products are amazing to use when you are a hydrophilic. I appreciate the online support of technicians to deploy this.

Selma N. Pence / Los Angeles, CA

Maintaining a 30,000 gallons of pool without these salt chlorine generators would not have been possible. Easy to use and efficient. Serves my purpose. Thank you saltchlorinegenerators for the provision. 5 stars irrefutably!

Anthony M. Long / Indianapolis, IN