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We have a widespread range of salt chlorine generator tools to serve you the best of your needs. We understand your expense and we have about range of more than 80 tools to serve your multifarious requirements. These tools are excellent to use and effortless to install and maintain. All the tools are digital and have the indicators for your salt chlorine maintenance of your pool. We only sell the patented tools with warrantee and as well ready for customer service offline, online, aftersales or before sales. The tools are really ranging from the conventional to digital ones and suited for all your existing or new set up.

We also have ratings given to all our products and tools which will help you choose. What’s more, we have highly versatile tool kits which are not only energy efficient but also environmentally friendly. You can buy individually or assemble to a constructed unit which offers the best value. All our tools eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience of harsh chemicals reactions such as red eyes and irritated skin as well faded swimwear as all the tools and components provides constant low-levels of pH balanced chlorine that purifies the water while making it soft and silky to touch.

Agreed upon the fact that the tools are a bit pricey but surely it can reduce 80% in costly chemicals. There are various other forms of ingredients too which are present in liquid, tablet and powder forms of chlorine. The tools makes pool maintenance a breeze and thusly eliminates pool chores which are in fact too mundane. These tools also continues to function even during vacation or holiday times wherein there is less need to purchase or replace it often. An added perk is of course never need to purchase the chlorine again.

The products and components incorporates the push button technology with LED accurate salt – level indicators. The unique boost feature in the equipment allow rapid increase in the purification level which eliminates the need to shock pool with harsh chemicals. All our tools assures customer an easy installation as they are pre-assembled. Our website offers the combination of quality, dependability, customer satisfaction and warranty coverage. We are operating on the global market and have approached millions of satisfied customers.

This tool kit also has unique DIY friendly tools which are pretty easy to install and use. It has also friendly start up procedures and we also provide customer support- toll free!! The tools that we have are all branded, patented, constructed of space-age polymers which are weather, water, sunlight and chemical resistant. Also the conversion cell blades in our tools are manufactured from titanium. Our tools not only offers the operation but also testing of the alkaline, pH and chlorine levels of your pool which are crucial chemicals.

We also have turbo cells bleach generators which are of Aqua Rite which can readily transform usual sodium in to a self-generating supply of natural chlorine. The digital power supply can read-out swimming pool water temperature, existing sodium level and purifier development level. A saltwater pool will give you gleaming radiant clear water, daily, and assist prevent algae blooms. Water Rite electrical generators use a reduced focus of sodium dissolved in the swimming pool water. They are actually also NSF accredited and approved for make use of on industrial as well as public swimming pools. Then why wait and ponder upon

Just turn your pool into and exhilarating experience and save hefty with us with incessant support and assured quality. No compromise with your skin and health!