Pomeade SQ30 Salt Chlorine Generator for Inground Pools, Salt Water Pool Chlorinator System, Saltwater Pool System, Up to 40,000 Gallon Pools, 2 Year Limited Warranty

  • 【Item Description】:Our salt chlorine generator can swap for hayward, blueworks, circupool 40,000 Gallon salt water pool chlorination framework.
  • 【 Item Benefit 】: This is a free salt chlorination framework with an autonomous board, which can precisely control the chlorinator, clock capability, view the ongoing immersion record, and different capabilities. Kindly allude to the manual underneath for explicit data.
  • 【Further develop Water Quality】: Salt water chlorination framework diminishes skin and eye disturbance, shields clothing from blurring and keeps pool water clean by controlling the saltiness and chlorine levels in the water. It is an independent framework. All you want is a 2-inch hose or line.
  • 【Simple to use】: As per the guidance manual you can finish the establishment of salt water pool chlorination framework quickly, through the pool salt framework outfitted with Drove control board furnishes you with saltiness show, water temperature security, water lack cautioning and different capabilities. Also, execute the last boundary after programmed power on.
  • 【Quality Assurance】: Salt water pool chlorinator framework gives 2 years guarantee, in no less than 2 years we will give free substitution, don’t bother stressing over successive substitution of Salt Cell, we will straightforwardly supplant the entire arrangement of new items without paying extra. Assuming you experience any issues during the time spent utilizing pool salt cell, you can reach us whenever, we will respond to you in 24 hours or less.
Pomeade SQ30 Salt Chlorine Generator for Inground Pools, Salt Water Pool Chlorinator System, Saltwater Pool System, Up to 40,000 Gallon Pools, 2 Year Limited Warranty - 1
Pomeade SQ30 Salt Chlorine Generator for Inground Pools, Salt Water Pool Chlorinator System, Saltwater Pool System, Up to 40,000 Gallon Pools, 2 Year Limited Warranty

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