CircuPool® Universal25 Saltwater Chlorinator – Complete System with 25k-Gallon Max Cell – 2023 Model with 1.25 lb. Output, USA Made Titanium Cell & 4 Year Warranty

  • Guaranteed compatibility, changes old system in mins
  • No guarantee fine for self install – Four years restricted
  • For pools up to 25,000 gallons. We recommend oversizing for additional longevity.
  • View Through Home window – enables visual of vitals without opening door, dual boxed for delivery protection.
Changes old system in minutes, guaranteed compatibility
No guarantee fine for self-installation – Four-year time limit
We recommend oversizing for pools up to 25,000 gallons.
A View Through Home window allows you to see vitals without opening the door. The product is double-boxed for protection during delivery.
Our pool maintenance system can save you time and money. Our specially designed filters provide optimum filtration while our valve controls provide precise flow control. The easy-to-install design requires no professional help, and once installed, your pool will be running efficiently in minutes. With a four year warranty guaranteeing compatibility and protection for pools up to 25,000 gallons, the reliability of this product is unmatched. Plus, with the View Through Home window you don’t even need to open the door to see how it’s doing – everything is visible from outside!
CircuPool® Universal25 Saltwater Chlorinator - Complete System with 25k-Gallon Max Cell
CircuPool® Universal25 Saltwater Chlorinator – Complete System with 25k-Gallon Max Cell – 2023 Model with 1.25 lb. Output, USA Made Titanium Cell & 4 Year Warranty

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