2 Gears Salt Generator Cell Pool Salt System with Metal Controller Shell and colorful Light for SPA Swimming Pool 100‑240V (SC-2)

  • Safe Capabilities: The salt generator has the power disappointment memory capability, the memory of the last activity mode, and the salt substance high and low brief and issue brief capabilities.
  • 2 Pinion wheels: The channel and outlet are intended to be in a similar hub flat plane to lessen how much pipeline design. The 2 cog wheels creation is discretionary, which can be chosen and changed by the requirements, saving energy and safeguarding the climate.
  • Simple to Introduce: The regulator and generator are planned in a coordinated manner, which is not difficult to introduce and consumes less space. The portable construction that can be dismantled to dynamic metal plates is intended to work with establishment and upkeep.
  • Insightful Control: The salt and generator takes on wise control innovation, with one button start and stop, the terminal has the capability of circling self clearing, and it has a multi capability insurance framework like water , over-burden, high temperature, generator cathode cut off.
  • Shell and Vivid Light: The metal regulator shell is and has great intensity scattering impact. Straightforward generator shell, bright light running sign, can instinctively deliver .
2 Gears Salt Generator Cell Pool Salt System with Metal Controller Shell and colorful Light for SPA Swimming Pool 100‑240V (SC-2) - 1
2 Gears Salt Generator Cell Pool Salt System with Metal Controller Shell and colorful Light for SPA Swimming Pool 100‑240V (SC-2)

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