ControlOMatic ChlorMaker Saltwater Chlorine Generation System for Spas and Hot Tubs Up to 2000 Gallons

  • Produces chlorine FROM SALT It is the ChlorMaker spa as well as hot tub chlorineizer produces chlorine from a small amount of regular salt (sodium chloride) that is dissolved in water which makes it a perfect solution for spas and portable hot tubs as well as inflatable tubs. Produced in the USA the chlorinator will take the guesswork out of maintaining your water.
  • A SMILE SKIN AND EYES The electrolysis process creates chlorine from salt. This naturally softens the water in spas and hot bath tubs. The soft and gentle touch makes the ChlorMaker an ideal option for people who have sensitive skin.
  • It simplifies SPA Maintenance – The self-cleaning reverse-polarity system helps you avoid stressing about maintenance, allowing you more time and enjoy the clear water. ChlorMaker has 10 power levels that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of your hot tub or spa.
  • It is easy to install and use It is easy to install and use. ChlorMaker plug-and-play system doesn’t require any plumbing or mechanical modifications. Its electrode is dropped directly into the water’s main body and then produces chlorine.
  • Made in the USA ControlOMatic products are manufactured by the USA and include a one-year guarantee. The kit includes an ChlorMaker Control Box, ChlorMaker Electrode, 5.5 VDC Power Supply with 110-240 VAC input and test strips (salt free chlorine, pH alkalinity and hardness) as well as a card that contains a QR code for activating Warranty as well as a User’s Guide.

ControlOMatic ChlorMaker Saltwater Chlorine Generator
ChlorMaker is an automatic saltwater generator which produces chlorine by using a tiny amount of normal salt (sodium chloride) dissolving in water. The tiny amount of salt creates the softening effect of the spa water, bringing comfort to your skin. Utilizing its built-in timer feature the ChlorMaker will add tiny amounts of chlorine to the water every couple of hours to ensure that you don’t need to! By applying less chlorine over a longer period of time it ensures that the ChlorMaker ensures a more consistent supply of water without the fluctuations and drops that occur from underchlorination or overchlorination.

ChlorMaker includes two elements comprising a simple control box that is attached to the spa’s skirt and an electrode that drapes over. Because it drapes directly into the water’s main body there is no need to alter the layout of your hot tub or spa. Incorporate 1.5 tons of salt to 100 gallon of water, and then put an electrode in the hot tub. Then, connect the power supply to an outlet in the wall the ChlorMaker is now ready to produce chlorine!

For spas with larger capacities (1,200 Gallons and more), ControlOMatic also offers the MegaChlor which comes with the same features of the ChlorMaker and also a faster production of chlorine. It is particularly recommended for tubs located in warmer climates because of the greater demand for chlorine per gallon.


  • The Salt Level Indicator onboard tells you when you should add or dilute salt
  • 10 Power Levels based on Time of Day for chlorine production
  • 30 grams of pure chlorine daily, as compared to the 8-11 grams chlorine produced by other generators in 5 gallons water
  • Low salt concentration of 500-2,000 PPM.
  • Long Electrode Lifespan of 7,000 hours
  • The built-in automatic cleaning system reduces the build-up of calcium and prolongs the life of the electrode
  • The High Current Shutdown on the board protects the electrode and power supply in the event of too much salt in the tub.
  • Supports 110-240 VAC, with the output power of 5.5 VDC

Be sure to place the box for control in an area which is shielded from the elements e.g. direct sunlight or rain, snow or condensation.

ControlOMatic ChlorMaker Saltwater Chlorine Generation System for Spas and Hot Tubs Up to 2000 Gallons
ControlOMatic ChlorMaker Saltwater Chlorine Generation System for Spas and Hot Tubs Up to 2000 Gallons

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