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What does the chlorinator do?

Chlorinators help to reduce harmful bacteria and odors in your water by eliminating chlorine gas and other chlorinated compounds. They are also used to clean the water before it is delivered to your home or office.

What is chlorinator in water treatment plant?

Chlorinators are essential components of any water treatment plant. They help to remove impurities and pollutants from the water, making it safe for humans and other animals to drink. Chlorinators play an important role in controlling the quality of water by removing harmful substances like bacteria and viruses.

What is the difference between chlorine and chlorinator?

Chlorine is a common disinfectant that is used in many households. It’s most famous use is to clean swimming pools, but it can also be used to clean other areas. Chlorinator helps make chlorine more effective by adding an extra element to the mix.

What are the different types of chlorinators?

There are a few key differences between chlorine and chlorinator. Chlorine is a gas that is often used to disinfect water. It’s also used as an industrial disinfectant. Chlorinators use chlorinated water as the input, so they can create high levels of chlorine for use in various applications.