SwimPure Plus Salt System – Replacement Cell up to 40,000 Gallon – (T-CELL-15-SWP)

  • Online SKU Hayward replacement the In-Store SKU: TELL-15-SWP #1 Salt chlorination system in the world
  • Reliable performance
  • Right-sized for both existing and new swimming pools with a capacity of up to 4000 gallon
  • Save 50%, or even more, compared to conventional chlorine
  • Includes 15 feet. cord

Incompatible with AquaRite electronic salt chlorinators for pools This Hayward Turbo Cell Swimpure Plus Replacement Salt Cell is the top salt cell sales all over the globe. You can expect to enjoy the evenly distributed free chlorine throughout your swimming pool that can reach 4000 Gallons. Enjoy this Hayward T-Cell 15 as it transforms the water in your pool, into a soft and silky smooth. This will allow you to enjoy an easier and more relaxing bath. Hayward T-Cell is a healthier choice for water. The Hayward W3T-CELL-15-SWP Turbo cell transforms the water in your pool to an incredibly soft and luxurious, and allows you to enjoy a more relaxing swim without the chemical sting that can harm your body. The benefits of this are that you will not have to worry about irritation to the skin or red eyes caused by chlorine that regular chlorine causes. The strong odors and bleaching of your clothes or other pool equipment will no longer be a concern with this Hayward Turbo Cell (T-Cell 15). The efficiency of an salt cell, such as the Hayward W3T-CELL-15 SWP Swimpure Plus improves the environmental impact in reducing levels substances and waste that pools with no salt system that uses the T-Cell 15 release. The convenience for this Hayward Turbo Cell What makes the Hayward Turbo Cell T-Cell 15 Swimpure Plus so popular is the ease of use to use. The capability to install it either horizontally or vertically position allows for the use of the existing pad setups for equipment so that you don’t go without the best quality swimming. The Hayward W3T CELL-15-SWP can be used with your existing Hayward Electronic Pool Salt Chlorine Control Box and you’ll be able to continue using the most cost-effective and efficient salt chlorinator available. If you are looking for premium soft, cleaner and clearer water for your pool with energy efficiency, the Hayward T-Cell Turbo Cell 15 Swimpure Plus will offer you the most enjoyable swimming experience. Common Questions What size of plumbing is required to install the Hayward W3T CELL-15-SWP Salt

SwimPure Plus Salt System - Replacement Cell up to 40,000 Gallon – (T-CELL-15-SWP)
SwimPure Plus Salt System – Replacement Cell up to 40,000 Gallon – (T-CELL-15-SWP)