Salt Chlorinator Flow Switch Plumbing Set

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What does the stream switch do on a salt cell?

A salt cell, otherwise called a chlorine generator, utilizes electrolysis to create chlorine from salt water. The stream switch is a significant piece of the salt cell, as it manages the progression of salt water through the cell. Without the stream switch, the salt cell wouldn’t have the option to work properly.The stream switch is situated between the salt water siphon and the salt cell itself. At the point when the salt water siphon is turned on, it sends salt water through the stream switch and into the cell. The stream switch then screens the progression of salt water and switches off the siphon when it arrives at a specific level. This guarantees that there is sufficient salt water coursing through the cell for it to appropriately work. without the appropriate measure of water moving through it, the Salt Cell can not produce sufficient chlorine to protect your pool clean and.

How does the stream switch help chlorinator?

The stream switch is a significant part of a chlorinator framework. Its primary intention is to turn the chlorinator on and off in light of the stream pace of water. This guarantees that the chlorinator is just functional when there is sufficient water stream to course the chlorine all through the framework appropriately. Without a stream switch, the chlorinator could run consistently, in any event, when there isn’t sufficient water streaming to treat the water appropriately. This could prompt issues, for example, over-chlorination or under-chlorination, which can both be hurtful to individuals and hardware.

How would you supplant a salt cell stream switch?

On the off chance that your salt cell stream change should be supplanted, there are a couple of things you’ll have to do. To begin with, you’ll have to switch off the capacity to the salt cell. Then, you’ll have to eliminate the old stream switch by unscrewing it from the lodging. When the old switch is eliminated, you’ll have to introduce the new switch in its place. At long last, you’ll have to walk out on and test the new change to appropriately ensure it’s working.

Does a stream switch go previously or after the salt cell?

There is some discussion on whether a stream switch ought to be introduced previously or after the salt cell in a pool. The principal contention for introducing the stream switch before the salt cell is that it can assist with shielding the salt cell from harm. In the event that there is an issue with the progression of water, the switch will stop the salt cell before it gets an opportunity to be harmed. The fundamental contention for introducing the stream switch after the salt cell is that it can assist with delaying the existence of the salt cell. On the off chance that the salt cell isn’t working as expected, the stream switch will shut down the water and keep it from entering the pool. There are advantages and disadvantages to the two contentions, and at last it depends on the pool proprietor to choose where to introduce their stream switch.