Hayward’s W3AQ-TROL-RJ AquaTrol Salt Chlorination System

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How does Hayward salt framework work?

Hayward salt frameworks are intended to keep pools perfect and liberated from green growth and microbes. The framework works by changing over salt into chlorine, which then kills off undesirable living beings in the water. This interaction is known as electrolysis.In request for electrolysis to occur, the salt framework needs to create an electrical flow. This flow is delivered by a metal cathode, which is put in the pool water. At the point when the terminal is turned on, it creates electrons that movement through the water and connect with the salt molecules.As the electrons travel through the water, they make the salt particles separate into chlorine iotas. These chlorine molecules then, at that point, proceed to kill microorganisms and green growth in the water. The entire cycle is robotized, so you don’t have to do something besides ensure there’s sufficient salt in the system.The Hayward salt framework is an extraordinary method for keeping your pool perfect and liberated from unsafe organic entities. It’s not difficult to utilize and keep up with, and it’s an extraordinary option in contrast to customary chlorination strategies.

For what reason is my Water Trol not creating chlorine?

In the event that you have a Water Trol saltwater chlorination framework and you’re asking why it’s not creating chlorine, there are a couple of expected reasons. In the first place, check to ensure that the power is on and that the unit is appropriately connected. Then, actually take a look at the salt level in the pool; in the event that it’s too low, the unit will not have the option to produce chlorine. At last, check the pH level of the pool water; assuming that it’s excessively high or excessively low, it can keep the Water Trol from creating chlorine. Assuming that you’ve checked these things your Water Trol actually isn’t creating chlorine, kindly get in touch with us for additional help.

What is the suggested salt level for Hayward AquaRite?

The suggested salt level for Hayward AquaRite is somewhere in the range of 2,500 and 4,000 ppm. This reach is ideal for the chlorinator to productively work appropriately and produce chlorine. In the event that the salt level falls under 2,500 ppm, the chlorinator can not deliver chlorine. If the salt level transcends 4,000 ppm, the chlorinator will begin to deliver less chlorine.

How does Water Trol respond?

Water Trol is a water treatment framework that eliminates pollutants from water utilizing a cycle called switch assimilation. Water Trol likewise add minerals back into the water to work on its taste and quality. The framework can be utilized for both private and business applications.