CMP SGS Powerclean Salt Ultra 540 Swimming Pool Chlorine Generator (40,000 Gallon Pools)

  • SGS Breeze 540 is presently Powerclean Salt Ultra 540.
  • 40,000 Gallon Pool Salt Framework.
  • Chlorine result of nearly 2lbs day to day.
  • Four result levels in addition to Chlorine Lift.
  • NSF Affirmed to UL-1081 and NSF/ANSI-50.

YOUR Agreeable, Terrace CHLORINE GENERATOR This is the eventual fate of salt chlorine age. Powerclean Salt frameworks are intended to be sturdy, reasonable and workable. Salt frameworks have been around for quite a long time, yet entirely in no way like this. Time for a chlorine generator pool experts and mortgage holders will all affection to utilize. Produce unadulterated chlorine without tablets or shock Salt chlorination leaves the water feeling smooth and delicate Our imaginative items remove the mystery from support

CMP SGS Powerclean Salt Ultra 540 Swimming Pool Chlorine Generator (40,000 Gallon Pools) - 1
CMP SGS Powerclean Salt Ultra 540 Swimming Pool Chlorine Generator (40,000 Gallon Pools)

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