self-cleaning chlorination system

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What is a self cleaning chlorinator?

A chlorinator is a gadget that is utilized to supply bring chlorine into a water. Chlorine is a compound that is utilized to kill microscopic organisms and different microorganisms that can cause sickness. A self cleaning chlorinator is a kind of chlorinator that has a component that cleans the chlorine generator consistently. This sort of chlorinator is ordinarily utilized in business and modern applications where there is a lot of water that should be dealt with.

How does a self chlorinator work?

A self chlorinator is a gadget that is utilized to administer chlorine into a pool or spa consequently. There are two kinds of self chlorinators: those that utilization tablets and those that utilization granules. Tablet chlorinators are the most widely recognized type. They comprise of a chamber that holds at least one chlorine tablets. The chamber is associated with a hose that goes into the pool or spa. As water courses through the hose, it breaks up the tablet and deliveries chlorine into the water. Granular chlorinators work along these lines, yet rather than utilizing tablets, they use granules of chlorine. The granules are put in a bin inside the chlorinator. As water courses through the bin, it disintegrates the granules and deliveries chlorine into the water. Self chlorinators are helpful in light of the fact that they make it simple to add chlorine to a pool or spa without taking care of any synthetic substances. They are additionally generally economical and simple to introduce.

How would you clean a self cleaning chlorinator?

Assuming you have a self-cleaning chlorinator, you’ll need to ensure that you clean it consistently. This is the way you can do so:First, eliminate the chlorine cartridge from the chlorinator and dispose of it. Then, unscrew the highest point of the chlorinator and eliminate the chlorine tablet. Discard the tablet and screw the top back on.Now, fill the chlorinator with new water and add another chlorine tablet. Let the chlorinator run for essentially an hour with the goal that the new chlorine can circle appropriately. Following 60 minutes, void out the water and top off it with new water.You ought to clean your self-cleaning chlorinator no less than once per month to keep it in great working condition. By following these straightforward advances, you can guarantee that your chlorinator will keep on turning out appropriately into the indefinite future.

What is self clean mode on Intex saltwater framework?

Self-clean mode is a component on some saltwater frameworks that assists with keeping the framework perfect and moving along as planned. In self-clean mode, the framework will naturally clean the channels and different pieces of the framework consistently. This can assist with broadening the existence of the framework and keep it running at its ideal.