BLPT40 Salt Chlorination System

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How does a salt chlorination system work?

A salt chlorination system works by breaking down the chlorine molecule into its component atoms, chlorine and hydrogen. These atoms are then free to react with other molecules in the water to create hypochlorous acid (HCl). HCl is a highly effective disinfectant and deodorizer, making it perfect for use in water treatment facilities.

What percentage should my salt chlorinator be set at?

The right salt chlorinator setting can help your business remain safe and healthy. Too much salt in the air can cause breathing difficulties, eye irritation, skin rashes and more. The right salt chlorinator setting can also prevent costly damage to your property from corrosion.

Is a salt chlorine generator worth it?

A salt chlorine generator is a valuable piece of equipment for any pool or spa. It kills bacteria and germs that can cause illness, so it is essential for keeping your pool or spa clean and safe.

What size salt chlorinator do I need?

Do you need a salt chlorinator that can handle a large volume of salt water? Or do you need one that is more compact and can be fitted into a smaller space? Let us help you choose the right size salt chlorinator for your needs.