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Crystal Pure Pool Salt System (20,000 gallons)


  • Heavy duty concept
  • Huge bleach ability
  • 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Super chlorination mode
  • Modifiable bleach output

Chlorine Price – Product Description

Crystal Pure Salt System by PureLine

The PureLine Crystal Pure Salt System makes the process of chlorinating the pool a breeze for you. When your pump runs, you will be producing chlorine, ensuring a steady dose into your pool water. The more consistent your chlorine levels are in your pool, the fewer chemicals you will use overall. Free yourself and your pool guests from the itchy, dry feeling of regular chlorine. With a salt water chlorine generator, the water feels smooth and won’t leave a white residue on your skin. The Crystal Pure generator cell easily plumbs in-line and has quick disconnect unions for easy access.

Features & Specifications

Durable design
Economical to use
Simple operation & maintenance
Large chlorine capacity
Low energy consumption
Digital display and LED indicators
Adjustable chlorine output
Super chlorination mode
Water flow detector
Low salt and overload indicators
High & low temperature protection (working temperature from 50F to140F)

Max. Chlorine Production Per Day = 1.06 Lbs.
Voltage: 115/230
Max Pool Size: 20,000 Gallons
Plumbing Size: 1.5″ or 2″

Crystal Pure Pool Salt System (20,000 gallons)
Crystal Pure Pool Salt System (20,000 gallons)